Must-try Monsoon Snacks this Season


The Rain Gods are all set to pour anytime soon! And with that everyone prepares to welcome the on-setting Monsoon. Whether it is about keeping an extra pair of clothes in your office bag or stocking up on some rain-time delights, we all have our own ways to be Monsoon ready!

Come the rains and there settles an all new excitement to binge on some savoury options along with a cup of hot kadakchai. But the fact also remains that eating a lot of fried and unhealthy street-side options can take your immune for a ride. It is always a good ideato opt for some packaged products that are not only tasty, but ensure quality and safety.

While you sit by your window and listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops, you crave for something crispy, something mouth-watering and delightful. Bansiram snacks and namkeens make it a great snacking companion any time of the day. Its special range of lip-snacking options gives you all the more reasons to binge on somelight and delectable snacks this season.

From Traditional Namkeens to Bitz and Chips, Bansiram offers a range of options to choose from. But if we were to suggest our top three must-try monsoon snacks, this is what it will be:

Right on the list, Masala Gathiyas are a very popular tea time option, especially during the rainy season. Because of its delightful taste, Bansiram’s Masala Gathiya can’t go amiss. Packaged with an extended shelf life, this one becomes a sure shot option to stock them for the season.

Other than that, puris with tea are an irresistible snacking option. Crispy and light, magic puri from Bansiram is a tummy filler! And when the rain knocks at your window panes, this one should be on the top of your list.

Finally, what’s rain without a ‘share-me’ pack of papdis? Indeed this crisp and savoury snack from Bansiram is a must-try Monsoon special because it adds an exciting crunch to your snacking time. The best part about our papdis is that it does not get soggy too soon. Hence you can feel the crunchiness until the last one. While you can also have this with tea, it can also go into a variety of chaats and traditional fast-foods.

So this season, grab your favourite snacks from Bansiram and enjoy the Monsoon in a crunchy way! 


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