Sip Jaljeera during the Summers: Enjoy these Additional Benefits!


The summers are just about to begin and so have the handcarts selling jaljeera drink started appearing on Indian streets. Come summer in full bloom, people will begin to throng these carts and stalls to sip this tasty and appetizing drink.

The name of the drink is actually made of two words – Jal (water) + jeera (cumin). Given the several benefits of jeera as a digestive aid amidst others, many of us feel that this drink serves just as a digestive aid. However, we still are unaware that this drink serves multifarious benefits than just being a digestive drink.

To begin with, let us know what goes into this drink to make this a healthy and versatile concoction. Jaljeera, as the name suggests, is actually a type of lemonade that is spiced up with a combination of roasted cumin powder, ginger powder, a selection of herbs such as coriander and mint, a special mix of spices called garam masala, pepper, chilli powder and also black salt.  Some people even like to add a dash of lemon, tamarind, jaljeera masala or dry mango powder to lend the drink a sour taste.

Jaljeera benefits your body in several ways. This mix is certainly invigorating as well as cooling and rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul thoroughly. Besides, it is a home remedy for indigestion as it helps relieve intestinal gas, heartburn and acidity as well.

Moreover, the jaljeera drink is a great thirst quencher and keeps you hydrated for a long time. It also regulates your body temperature and helps keep you cool on a hot day. Being a wonderful tummy soother, it is a natural low-calorie drink that is a much better choice than artificially flavoured aerated drinks.

In India, jaljeera forms a special part of the daily routine of many people, especially during the summers. Many jaljeera manufacturers in Ahmedabad city make several varieties of jaljeera drink. These days, jaljeera powder, which is an instant form of the evergreen Jaljeera drink, is also becoming immensely popular.

So, the next time you pick up that jaljeera drink, remember, it’s a wondrous mixture of natural flavours and packed with superb taste, which goes a long way in keeping you healthy and in the pink all day long!


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