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5 Tips to Follow This Summer to Stay Energised


Come summer and the woes of many people begin. For most people, the chief complaint is they cannot withstand the heat of the Indian summer. Nevertheless, there are several ways and means by which you can withstand the summer and stay fresh all year around. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways of staying fresh as a flower during this summer:

Stay hydrated always:

Always drink a lot of water. This will ensure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. At the same time, eat a lot of fresh foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, try a variety of salads as they are full of nutrients you need. Include salads such as fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, cucumber, carrots or radishes. You can add a couple of nuts for additional energy. Also, there is a ton of other drinks that can help you remain hydrated. For example, traditional Jaljeera drinks like Tingles Jaljeera are a sure winner. If you want more information about Jaljeera drinks, you can visit their website as they are a prominent jaljeera masala powder manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Switch to Cotton Clothes:

In fact, summer is a wonderful time to socialize. In many parts of the country, summer is a welcome break from the dreary winter. So, why not take a break yourself and wear the choicest of summer clothes this summer to strike a pose. Make every family and social gathering a pleasant one with your style of cotton clothing this summer. 

Eat light this summer:

As summer arrives, it doesn’t really mean that your healthy diet needs to be junked for fast food. Light food like Bansiram namkeen, which is the foremost among the namkeen brands in Gujarat, and snacks can help you stay fit and fine during the heat of the day. Let’s stay fit and avoid foods that can cause you a lot of distress and pain this summer.

Use an appropriate sunscreen: 

For those who like to be out too much in the summer sun, it’s always advisable to wear an appropriate sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen prevent harmful UV rays from damaging our skin, but also prevents a host of other issues such as premature aging, skin cancer risks, blotchiness on the face while preventing sunburns and enhancing the overall health of the skin.

Adopt healthy eating habits:

Staying light, eating regularly, and adopting healthy methods of eating are just some of the ways you can remain geared up for the summer. If you are travelling or even if you are on vacation, there’s no excuse consuming unhealthy foods. So, adopt healthy eating habits like having a starnuts snack or consuming nuts like groundnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds instead of junk food and excessively fried food.


Summer can be an exciting and fun-filled time, provided you follow some precautions and avoid the obvious no-no’s. Sail through the summer with ease and style. It may happen that the summer may get the better of you, but don’t let that happen with the tips we have mentioned in this article. Good Luck!

Your Best IPL 2019 Batting Partnership with Bansiram Snacks


So, what are you doing this IPL season? Continue maintaining your routine schedule at your office or planning to play truant at your college so that you can watch the IPL?  Would it not be a great idea to simply quit doing whatever you are doing for the moment and start suffering from the IPL fever?

Unquestionably, the IPL 2019 season is going strong these days. It’s such great fun to see the teams in action and compete against each other. The adrenaline rush along with the fun and excitement when two rival teams are pitted against each other is really thrilling.

Surely, you will be heading off to one of the stadiums in India or switch on your TV set to witness the IPL match 2019 and enthrall yourself as the rival teams strive to demolish each other in the game towards the race for the IPL cup.

Alternatively, why not invite your friends and extended family over to your place, where the IPL 2019 can come alive in your living room itself! Make merry and enjoy the game along with a lot of hooting, cheer, and a tremendous amount of fun in the midst of wonderful snacks, refreshment, and a table load of food and drink! In the midst of the game, there’s no better way for you guys to enjoy yourself but to snack on your favourite stuff and add to the excitement as the runs and wickets pile up.

Become your own cheerleader! So, if your favourite batsman strikes a four, why not snack on your favourite khatta mittha mix while cheering the batsman. Alternatively, satiate your taste cravings with a bowl full of sumptuous aloo-sev or crunchy wafers between the overs.  Why not dance with joy as you munch on some crunch as the batsmen hit a six or when someone gets caught in the gully or slip over a googly.

Unquestionably, IPL 2019 is the right time to pile up a wide range of these quick and tasty eats for all sports and cricket buffs who love to watch the game while engaging in pampering their taste buds.

Well, be right there in the middle of the game with snacks that simply add to the fun. While you bat on the snacks, let your favourite team bat and bowl through the overs as you savour the good times. So, line up your batting partnership with Bansiram Snacks and sail through the fun!

But, what if the tables are turned and your favourite men are on the losing side. Have some spicy snacking moments to add rich flavour to that dull and mind-numbing game. Keep on popping open your favourite namkeen packets till the game ends. 

Of all the Indian snacks online, one of the favourite snacks that come to mind is Bansiram Namkeen. It is simply one of the most upcoming namkeen brands in Gujarat and the country. 

Available in five and ten rupee packets, these namkeens are a must-have in every home. Bansiram Namkeen simply means great taste and great quality, so you can binge on these scrumptious snacks guilt-free.

The vast range of offerings from Bansiram Namkeen is sure to keep you tempted throughout this IPL 2019 season. And as in sports the saying goes – “Let the best team win!”

Sip Jaljeera during the Summers: Enjoy these Additional Benefits!


The summers are just about to begin and so have the handcarts selling jaljeera drink started appearing on Indian streets. Come summer in full bloom, people will begin to throng these carts and stalls to sip this tasty and appetizing drink.

The name of the drink is actually made of two words – Jal (water) + jeera (cumin). Given the several benefits of jeera as a digestive aid amidst others, many of us feel that this drink serves just as a digestive aid. However, we still are unaware that this drink serves multifarious benefits than just being a digestive drink.

To begin with, let us know what goes into this drink to make this a healthy and versatile concoction. Jaljeera, as the name suggests, is actually a type of lemonade that is spiced up with a combination of roasted cumin powder, ginger powder, a selection of herbs such as coriander and mint, a special mix of spices called garam masala, pepper, chilli powder and also black salt.  Some people even like to add a dash of lemon, tamarind, jaljeera masala or dry mango powder to lend the drink a sour taste.

Jaljeera benefits your body in several ways. This mix is certainly invigorating as well as cooling and rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul thoroughly. Besides, it is a home remedy for indigestion as it helps relieve intestinal gas, heartburn and acidity as well.

Moreover, the jaljeera drink is a great thirst quencher and keeps you hydrated for a long time. It also regulates your body temperature and helps keep you cool on a hot day. Being a wonderful tummy soother, it is a natural low-calorie drink that is a much better choice than artificially flavoured aerated drinks.

In India, jaljeera forms a special part of the daily routine of many people, especially during the summers. Many jaljeera manufacturers in Ahmedabad city make several varieties of jaljeera drink. These days, jaljeera powder, which is an instant form of the evergreen Jaljeera drink, is also becoming immensely popular.

So, the next time you pick up that jaljeera drink, remember, it’s a wondrous mixture of natural flavours and packed with superb taste, which goes a long way in keeping you healthy and in the pink all day long!

Sensible Snacking – A Perfect Option to Savor In-Between Meals


Snacking can truly be fun and can be a perfect option to savour in-between meals. For, if you choose your snack items carefully, these can be a significant part of your diet and can form an important constituent of your eating plan.

Surely, it is OK to snack as long as you maintain a balance of what you eat and keep yourself active and lead a vigorous life. Selecting the right snack for yourself can help you control your hunger and enjoy your everyday tasks too at the same time.  If you are feeling low or hungry, then snacks can contribute immensely to maintain your daily intake of energy.

For children and teens, who are always on the go, snacks can provide the calories that they may be missing from their meals.  They help refuel after vigorous activity like exercise, gym, games, and other school activities.

However, for many 9–5’ers and other office goers, consuming light and crispy snacks in between meals can add to the jazz and pizzazz of every-day life!

If you discover that you cannot wait for that next meal, which could be hours away, sensible snacking could mean eating a tasty little snack to provide you an energy boost to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Also, if you are an older adult and can’t consume a large meal in one go, several small meals that include a tasty snack can make it easier for your body to handle your smaller appetite or limited energy.

Also, tea-time is a good opportunity to go for sensible snacking. A handful of ready-made snacks or savouries can help you relish your tea time ideally. For, great times do mean a hot cup of tea shared with snacks along with friends, fun, and a great deal of masti!

A word about the ideal snacks you should consume – choose a snack that does not cause too much guilt after you consume it. Snacks that are low on cholesterol and do not contain any trans-fats are the best alternatives.

So, as an option, you could go for Bansiram Namkeen, which is not only ideal snack choice in-between meals, but also a fantastic option that you can pop open any time and savour the good taste. Choose from a variety of snacks that include namkeens, faralinamkeens, chips, khakras, fryums, and extruded snacks that leave your lips smacking every time.

So, the next time you are caught between the option of snack or not to snack, then give Bansiram a try. The lip-smacking taste will surely blow you away!        

Begin Your Day By Consuming Healthy Food – StarNuts!


Well, this need not be the very first article to tell you the various powerful benefits of healthy breakfast to begin your day.  Surely, there are many healthy breakfast options to help you begin your day. Some of these options include tomato juice, berries, granola cereal, whole-meal sourdough, probiotic yoghurt, low fat milk, and many others.

However, you will surely appreciate the various benefits of consuming as breakfast, StarNuts – a range of processed and roasted nuts with delicious seasonings.  This range consists of cashews, almonds pistachios, raisins, and apricots, and is available in various flavours. These unusually nutritionally nuts are just the right snack as they are elegantly flavoured and just right to fill up a hungry tummy in the morning. In addition, these nuts are just the right choice in between meals as they not only contain healthy macronutrients but also keep you satiated all day long.

Actually, contrary to popular conception, nuts are known to be a healthy food. They have all the necessary nutrients that are good for human health and well-being and which we usually forget or overlook in our diet. Some of the nutrients that are packed into nuts include protein, vitamins, fibre, riboflavin, and trace minerals that are essential for daily body metabolism and also necessary to ward off fatigue – a common problem in today's hard stressed times.

Nuts are known to reduce hunger pangs without increasing body weight. Thus, instead of consuming junk food that most of us have become used to eating these days and ultimately harm our health, why not make this healthy swap and include nuts in our diet. Instead of wondering what a healthy alternative could be – let us all make this conscious and perfect choice – about consuming a handful of nuts every day.

Consuming a few nuts in between meals also is a good idea as it keeps your alertness levels high and keeps the glycemic levels in the body at a steady level. Hence, StarNuts are the right option instead of that bag of cookies stored in your drawer. Gobble up a little StarNuts every day, instead of that fried foodstuff you are habituated to ingest everyday or that favourite sugary chocolate cone you want on the way to work every day.

Hence, nuts are just the right and easy breakfast that will help you start your day in the morning. And why not StarNuts to help you get started on nuts!  These are light and power-packed, so they help you reduce the intake of unhealthy stuff in the name of breakfasts and food. Such quick and easy breakfast options will help you start the day in a light and easy manner. Plus, you will feel powered up with the right nutrients instead of getting high on artificial sweeteners, food additives, and preservatives. 

Some people insist on skipping breakfast, but that does the body no good at all. So, form the habit of consuming nuts – StarNuts in your breakfast every day and feel healthy and light all day!

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