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Sip Jaljeera during the Summers: Enjoy these Additional Benefits!


The summers are just about to begin and so have the handcarts selling jaljeera drink started appearing on Indian streets. Come summer in full bloom, people will begin to throng these carts and stalls to sip this tasty and appetizing drink.

The name of the drink is actually made of two words – Jal (water) + jeera (cumin). Given the several benefits of jeera as a digestive aid amidst others, many of us feel that this drink serves just as a digestive aid. However, we still are unaware that this drink serves multifarious benefits than just being a digestive drink.

To begin with, let us know what goes into this drink to make this a healthy and versatile concoction. Jaljeera, as the name suggests, is actually a type of lemonade that is spiced up with a combination of roasted cumin powder, ginger powder, a selection of herbs such as coriander and mint, a special mix of spices called garam masala, pepper, chilli powder and also black salt.  Some people even like to add a dash of lemon, tamarind, jaljeera masala or dry mango powder to lend the drink a sour taste.

Jaljeera benefits your body in several ways. This mix is certainly invigorating as well as cooling and rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul thoroughly. Besides, it is a home remedy for indigestion as it helps relieve intestinal gas, heartburn and acidity as well.

Moreover, the jaljeera drink is a great thirst quencher and keeps you hydrated for a long time. It also regulates your body temperature and helps keep you cool on a hot day. Being a wonderful tummy soother, it is a natural low-calorie drink that is a much better choice than artificially flavoured aerated drinks.

In India, jaljeera forms a special part of the daily routine of many people, especially during the summers. Many jaljeera manufacturers in Ahmedabad city make several varieties of jaljeera drink. These days, jaljeera powder, which is an instant form of the evergreen Jaljeera drink, is also becoming immensely popular.

So, the next time you pick up that jaljeera drink, remember, it’s a wondrous mixture of natural flavours and packed with superb taste, which goes a long way in keeping you healthy and in the pink all day long!

Sensible Snacking – A Perfect Option to Savor In-Between Meals


Snacking can truly be fun and can be a perfect option to savour in-between meals. For, if you choose your snack items carefully, these can be a significant part of your diet and can form an important constituent of your eating plan.

Surely, it is OK to snack as long as you maintain a balance of what you eat and keep yourself active and lead a vigorous life. Selecting the right snack for yourself can help you control your hunger and enjoy your everyday tasks too at the same time.  If you are feeling low or hungry, then snacks can contribute immensely to maintain your daily intake of energy.

For children and teens, who are always on the go, snacks can provide the calories that they may be missing from their meals.  They help refuel after vigorous activity like exercise, gym, games, and other school activities.

However, for many 9–5’ers and other office goers, consuming light and crispy snacks in between meals can add to the jazz and pizzazz of every-day life!

If you discover that you cannot wait for that next meal, which could be hours away, sensible snacking could mean eating a tasty little snack to provide you an energy boost to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Also, if you are an older adult and can’t consume a large meal in one go, several small meals that include a tasty snack can make it easier for your body to handle your smaller appetite or limited energy.

Also, tea-time is a good opportunity to go for sensible snacking. A handful of ready-made snacks or savouries can help you relish your tea time ideally. For, great times do mean a hot cup of tea shared with snacks along with friends, fun, and a great deal of masti!

A word about the ideal snacks you should consume – choose a snack that does not cause too much guilt after you consume it. Snacks that are low on cholesterol and do not contain any trans-fats are the best alternatives.

So, as an option, you could go for Bansiram Namkeen, which is not only ideal snack choice in-between meals, but also a fantastic option that you can pop open any time and savour the good taste. Choose from a variety of snacks that include namkeens, faralinamkeens, chips, khakras, fryums, and extruded snacks that leave your lips smacking every time.

So, the next time you are caught between the option of snack or not to snack, then give Bansiram a try. The lip-smacking taste will surely blow you away!        

Begin Your Day By Consuming Healthy Food – StarNuts!


Well, this need not be the very first article to tell you the various powerful benefits of healthy breakfast to begin your day.  Surely, there are many healthy breakfast options to help you begin your day. Some of these options include tomato juice, berries, granola cereal, whole-meal sourdough, probiotic yoghurt, low fat milk, and many others.

However, you will surely appreciate the various benefits of consuming as breakfast, StarNuts – a range of processed and roasted nuts with delicious seasonings.  This range consists of cashews, almonds pistachios, raisins, and apricots, and is available in various flavours. These unusually nutritionally nuts are just the right snack as they are elegantly flavoured and just right to fill up a hungry tummy in the morning. In addition, these nuts are just the right choice in between meals as they not only contain healthy macronutrients but also keep you satiated all day long.

Actually, contrary to popular conception, nuts are known to be a healthy food. They have all the necessary nutrients that are good for human health and well-being and which we usually forget or overlook in our diet. Some of the nutrients that are packed into nuts include protein, vitamins, fibre, riboflavin, and trace minerals that are essential for daily body metabolism and also necessary to ward off fatigue – a common problem in today's hard stressed times.

Nuts are known to reduce hunger pangs without increasing body weight. Thus, instead of consuming junk food that most of us have become used to eating these days and ultimately harm our health, why not make this healthy swap and include nuts in our diet. Instead of wondering what a healthy alternative could be – let us all make this conscious and perfect choice – about consuming a handful of nuts every day.

Consuming a few nuts in between meals also is a good idea as it keeps your alertness levels high and keeps the glycemic levels in the body at a steady level. Hence, StarNuts are the right option instead of that bag of cookies stored in your drawer. Gobble up a little StarNuts every day, instead of that fried foodstuff you are habituated to ingest everyday or that favourite sugary chocolate cone you want on the way to work every day.

Hence, nuts are just the right and easy breakfast that will help you start your day in the morning. And why not StarNuts to help you get started on nuts!  These are light and power-packed, so they help you reduce the intake of unhealthy stuff in the name of breakfasts and food. Such quick and easy breakfast options will help you start the day in a light and easy manner. Plus, you will feel powered up with the right nutrients instead of getting high on artificial sweeteners, food additives, and preservatives. 

Some people insist on skipping breakfast, but that does the body no good at all. So, form the habit of consuming nuts – StarNuts in your breakfast every day and feel healthy and light all day!

Perfect Last Minute Gift Ideas this Holiday Season


At the threshold of yet another year, it’s time to say adieus to all those last year promises and expect that the New Year brings something more exciting to be hopeful for. With the Christmas décor beginning to show up on shops and streets, this isn’t just it! It’s also a great time for the wedding bells to ring. Saying so, we have so many festivities to look forward to right from the time December sets until the spring rolls in.

What follows such frolics is something that all of us love. Yes, those small and big colourful boxes of neatly packed gifts, labeled gracefully and waiting to be given away! Be it weddings, Christmas or the New Year, gifts make our celebrations more purposeful and expressive.

This season, we bring you amazing gift-packs of Bansiram Namkeens, sweets and dry fruits that’ll be your perfect last-minute gift ally.

A collection of savoury snacks from across the country, Bansiram Namkeens offer traditional Indian snacks to satiate taste cravings. Our products are famed for its premium quality and incredible taste. Whether its friends dawdling around at home or family gathered for a pre-wedding function, Bansiram Namkeens are truly everyone’s favourite. Along with Bansiram sweets and StarNuts, our namkeens make a great gifting option too!

Marriages, Celebrations, Guests, Festivities…ah, all of these definitely calls for a bit of mithai, isn’t it? While there are plum cakes and truffles during the New Year Eve, nothing beats the taste of traditional Indian sweets. Moreover, these can also be used as a return gift gesture to guests or served during a wedding celebration. Relished by everyone, our GulabJamuns, Rasagullas and SoanPapdis are made from supreme quality ingredients. You sure won’t be able to have enough!

And last but not least; why not add a touch of royalty to your celebrations with our range of dry fruits? Dry fruits can be kept just for munching, makes a great gifting option and can be added in other dishes to make them more delectable. Weddings, Christmas and New Year are all good enough reasons to do some dry fruit shopping and make way for healthier options. Star Nuts range of roasted nuts – cashews, almonds and pistachios are delicately seasoned and flavoured to ensure its original taste. Supreme quality raw materials and processing ensure a premium product that can be gifted at every occasion.

These perfect last-minute ideas from the Urmin Group are easy-to-purchase, one-size-fits-all kind of options. So, in-between the celebrations, if gifting has slipped your mind, get hold of these options and cheer your loved ones. 

A Brief guide on how to improve your snacking habits


Right on – you are what you eat. 

What you chow down on a day-to-day basis, can directly impact your health. And what you eat has a lot to do with your lifestyle, work schedule and personal cravings.

Yummy, delectable snacks can easily make you eat more and it’s not a crime! So don’t make yourself guilty if lately, you have binged uncontrollably. Bansiram’s mouthwatering range of Traditional and Farali Namkeens, Fryums, Krunchips, Bitz and Roasted Crunch can distract even the most sincere of diet souls and leave them asking for more. Our snacks make a good snacking partner, comes to rescue during extreme mood swings and is a must-have when guests are at home. 

To improve your snacking habits, it’s important to know that this doesn’t happen overnight. By making small and sincere changes, you can get on track and revamp your eating-on-the go habit. Here’s a brief guide to help you do so. 

Don’t delay or skip meals: The first step to develop sincere eating habits is to have meals regularly and maintaining a fixed time for them. A full-fledged, balanced meal, gives very little scope for hunger pangs. No matter how tasty the snacks are, they are after all snacks. And they cannot and should not be replaced by meals. 

However, on the days of fasting when you crave something flavourful, a crunchy snack comes handy! Bansiram Namkeen offers a range of snacks to splurge on the days of fast. Made from the traditional recipes that truly cater to the strict diet followed on the fasting days, Bansiram snacks have a punch in terms of flavour and taste.

Our Farali Chiwda (tikha and mitha), Rajwadi farali chiwda, Banana chips and Sabudana are so good that you wouldn’t want to restrict it to just the fasting days. 

Get it served right: Can’t control how much you are eating? Then you should avoid eating straight from the packet, instead use a plate or bowl. This will control the portion size that you are eating. Having said so, it’s smart to transfer the snacks in a plate but it’s smarter to use smaller sizes of plates and bowls to eat less. You can even try creating your own special recipes with Bansiram namkeens by adding different ingredients and masalas. This will make your snacking time even more delectable. 

Eat a number of times per day: Instead of having too many snacks at one go, it’s better to have small portions every 2-3 hours to regulate your blood sugar level and metabolism. Eating 5-6 small meals is one of the best ways to develop a more disciplined snacking habit. 

Know your cravings: Snacks make a great companion when you stressed, frustrated, lonely or emotional. But eating mindlessly rarely helps! While snacking is great while watching TV or reading a book, it is important to keep a check as to how much you are eating. Remember, crunchy snacks help a lotwhen you feel those doldrumsand are great while watching TV or reading a book. 

In short, a good snacking habit doesn’t just involve how much you eat; the quality of food is also important. Eating quality snacks is good for your overall well-being. Namkeens from Bansiram are 100% authentic and best in quality and taste. With Bansiram by your side, you’re surely on your way to develop a good snacking habit, because you’ve started by choosing right!

Fun-filled facts about dry fruits that will amaze you


Each time we binge on a handful of our favorite dry fruits, we are cognizant of the fact that they are extremely healthy and loaded with an ample amount of nutrients. But other than that, there is hardly anything we know about them.

Dry fruits come under the category of healthy snacking. StarNuts range of almonds, cashews and pistachios are available in different salted, masala and pepper flavours. Even a small serving of these nuts make up your daily dose of nutrients. But wait till you wake up to these fun-filled facts about your favoured nuts.


Popularly tagged as the waistline-friendly snack, almonds are way too healthy as far as the heart health goes. Recent studies reflect that almonds eaten mid-morning can help moderate blood sugar throughout the day. In fact, these nuts are loaded with so many other health benefits that they make a place in the list of top healthiest food items of all times.

But did you know that almonds actually belong to the rose family and are often referred to as the ‘queen of the rose family’.

The fuzzy hull around the almond nut seems almost peach-like. And that’s because the nut’s other family members are the peaches. When immature, the green almonds can be preserved and pickled. In some countries around the world, this is considered as a delicacy and cherished on special occasions.


If you are among the health conscious herd, you must be well acquainted with several versatile properties of cashews. More so, you might fancy the goodness of the seed. Yes, you heard it right! Grown out of apples, cashews are technically seeds and not nuts. When cashews are harvested, so is the apple-like fruit that goes with it, which is then utilized in jams and juices.

During the 1560s, Portuguese sailors were the first to introduce the Cashew seeds in Goa. From there, it spread throughout Southeast Asia and eventually Africa.

When raw, cashews are surrounded by a double shell that containstoxic resins. This resin is used in several industrial products such as brake liners and paints.

Raw cashews are green in colour. Before the seeds are roasted, cashews have a beautiful green shade to them.


Oh well, what we call a pistachio here is known as the smiling nut in Iran and the happy nut in China. At some places, these are also famous as green almonds.
One of the oldest flowering nut trees, the pistachio history dates back to centuries, this is why it is often labeled as a prehistoric nut.

Research suggests that pistachios are the only in-shell nutsthat potentially reduce calorie intake in comparison to other dry fruits in general. Studies reveal that people consuming pistachios consume fewer calories per day than those who indulge in shelled nuts. This effect is popularly known as ‘The Pistachio Principle.’

Interesting isn’t it?So is our exclusive range of dry fruits! Include StarNutsflavoured range of almonds, cashews and pistachios as part of your daily snacking schedule. Or gift it to people in your corporate loop and to your loved ones. We are sure it will leave them asking for more!

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