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A Brief guide on how to improve your snacking habits


Right on – you are what you eat. 

What you chow down on a day-to-day basis, can directly impact your health. And what you eat has a lot to do with your lifestyle, work schedule and personal cravings.

Yummy, delectable snacks can easily make you eat more and it’s not a crime! So don’t make yourself guilty if lately, you have binged uncontrollably. Bansiram’s mouthwatering range of Traditional and Farali Namkeens, Fryums, Krunchips, Bitz and Roasted Crunch can distract even the most sincere of diet souls and leave them asking for more. Our snacks make a good snacking partner, comes to rescue during extreme mood swings and is a must-have when guests are at home. 

To improve your snacking habits, it’s important to know that this doesn’t happen overnight. By making small and sincere changes, you can get on track and revamp your eating-on-the go habit. Here’s a brief guide to help you do so. 

Don’t delay or skip meals: The first step to develop sincere eating habits is to have meals regularly and maintaining a fixed time for them. A full-fledged, balanced meal, gives very little scope for hunger pangs. No matter how tasty the snacks are, they are after all snacks. And they cannot and should not be replaced by meals. 

However, on the days of fasting when you crave something flavourful, a crunchy snack comes handy! Bansiram Namkeen offers a range of snacks to splurge on the days of fast. Made from the traditional recipes that truly cater to the strict diet followed on the fasting days, Bansiram snacks have a punch in terms of flavour and taste.

Our Farali Chiwda (tikha and mitha), Rajwadi farali chiwda, Banana chips and Sabudana are so good that you wouldn’t want to restrict it to just the fasting days. 

Get it served right: Can’t control how much you are eating? Then you should avoid eating straight from the packet, instead use a plate or bowl. This will control the portion size that you are eating. Having said so, it’s smart to transfer the snacks in a plate but it’s smarter to use smaller sizes of plates and bowls to eat less. You can even try creating your own special recipes with Bansiram namkeens by adding different ingredients and masalas. This will make your snacking time even more delectable. 

Eat a number of times per day: Instead of having too many snacks at one go, it’s better to have small portions every 2-3 hours to regulate your blood sugar level and metabolism. Eating 5-6 small meals is one of the best ways to develop a more disciplined snacking habit. 

Know your cravings: Snacks make a great companion when you stressed, frustrated, lonely or emotional. But eating mindlessly rarely helps! While snacking is great while watching TV or reading a book, it is important to keep a check as to how much you are eating. Remember, crunchy snacks help a lotwhen you feel those doldrumsand are great while watching TV or reading a book. 

In short, a good snacking habit doesn’t just involve how much you eat; the quality of food is also important. Eating quality snacks is good for your overall well-being. Namkeens from Bansiram are 100% authentic and best in quality and taste. With Bansiram by your side, you’re surely on your way to develop a good snacking habit, because you’ve started by choosing right!

Fun-filled facts about dry fruits that will amaze you


Each time we binge on a handful of our favorite dry fruits, we are cognizant of the fact that they are extremely healthy and loaded with an ample amount of nutrients. But other than that, there is hardly anything we know about them.

Dry fruits come under the category of healthy snacking. StarNuts range of almonds, cashews and pistachios are available in different salted, masala and pepper flavours. Even a small serving of these nuts make up your daily dose of nutrients. But wait till you wake up to these fun-filled facts about your favoured nuts.


Popularly tagged as the waistline-friendly snack, almonds are way too healthy as far as the heart health goes. Recent studies reflect that almonds eaten mid-morning can help moderate blood sugar throughout the day. In fact, these nuts are loaded with so many other health benefits that they make a place in the list of top healthiest food items of all times.

But did you know that almonds actually belong to the rose family and are often referred to as the ‘queen of the rose family’.

The fuzzy hull around the almond nut seems almost peach-like. And that’s because the nut’s other family members are the peaches. When immature, the green almonds can be preserved and pickled. In some countries around the world, this is considered as a delicacy and cherished on special occasions.


If you are among the health conscious herd, you must be well acquainted with several versatile properties of cashews. More so, you might fancy the goodness of the seed. Yes, you heard it right! Grown out of apples, cashews are technically seeds and not nuts. When cashews are harvested, so is the apple-like fruit that goes with it, which is then utilized in jams and juices.

During the 1560s, Portuguese sailors were the first to introduce the Cashew seeds in Goa. From there, it spread throughout Southeast Asia and eventually Africa.

When raw, cashews are surrounded by a double shell that containstoxic resins. This resin is used in several industrial products such as brake liners and paints.

Raw cashews are green in colour. Before the seeds are roasted, cashews have a beautiful green shade to them.


Oh well, what we call a pistachio here is known as the smiling nut in Iran and the happy nut in China. At some places, these are also famous as green almonds.
One of the oldest flowering nut trees, the pistachio history dates back to centuries, this is why it is often labeled as a prehistoric nut.

Research suggests that pistachios are the only in-shell nutsthat potentially reduce calorie intake in comparison to other dry fruits in general. Studies reveal that people consuming pistachios consume fewer calories per day than those who indulge in shelled nuts. This effect is popularly known as ‘The Pistachio Principle.’

Interesting isn’t it?So is our exclusive range of dry fruits! Include StarNutsflavoured range of almonds, cashews and pistachios as part of your daily snacking schedule. Or gift it to people in your corporate loop and to your loved ones. We are sure it will leave them asking for more!

Top 3 reasons to practice corporate gifting for your business


It’s no news that corporate gifts pluck endless benefits for any business. It is one of the subtle ways to cultivate good, long-term relationships with people in the industrial loop.

Even though corporate gifting is a concept that has been going around for many years, in the recent times its importance has multiplied a thousand folds. Nowadays, small and big businesses and firms try coming up with new, creative ideas to reach out to business partners, clients and employees

For corporate gifting one can choose from endless options, right from diaries and calendars to chocolates and confectionaries. But what if you could think out of the box and gift something that is tasty as well as healthy.

People any day love if you gift them something delectable and healthful Bansiram’s wide range of namkeens and sweets and its StarNuts range of cashews, almonds and pistachios make up an ideal gift this festive season. Krunchips, Fryums, Bitzz and Namkeens, as well as yummy Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas and SoanPapdis will cheer whosoever receives them.

Gifting Bansiram and StarNuts will enable you to reach out to people in a touching and responsive way. And looking at a bigger picture, here are top 3 reasons why corporate gifting is a good practice for your business.

It’s a great way to boost morale

Gifts encourage employees to perform better, especially during work crisis. It is also a great way to appreciate your employees for their good performance or for their loyalty towards the company. So the next time, you want to boost some morale, gift your employees Bansiram and StarNuts products and see how it cheers them up!

It spreads goodwill and strengthens relationships

On a general note, gifting spreads goodwill and ensures that a positive relationship is growing between the people associated with you and your company. Moreover, inthe long run, it spreads an image that you are an altruistic, giving company.

Gifts help you express thankfulness

Time and again people need appreciation, may it be clients, employees, business partners or stakeholders. Pleasing them with a gift is a good way to remain at the forefront and show them your thankfulness. Also, showing gratitude gives you satisfying business relationships that are more likely to stand the test of time.

Choosing a perfect corporate gift can be a humongous task. A great deal of it depends on the size of your business and the strength of the relationships. But mouth-watering delicacies are everyone’s favorite and highly appreciated. This time, choose from the wide and scrumptious range of Bansiram sweets and namkeens and StarNuts products to leave an everlasting footprint on the recipient.

How to make the most of this festive season


For all of us, the festive season is nothing less than joy, isn’t it? It is a means through which family and friends get together and come closer. But besides the background and details of the celebration, there is one aspect that truly unites everyone: the taste of yummy sweets and savouries. 

Now that August is finally here and the wait is over, everyone around seems excited for the festivals it brings and the celebrations that follow. But every passing year, everybody is impatient for this much awaited time of the year mostly for the food that is served during the different occasions. 

Friendship Day, Parsi New Year, Independence Day, Rakshabandhan and much more! Well, what we can say is that it is that time of the year when snacking and eating sumptuous little treats becomes more than just a bahana! 

Festivals bring with it a pool of guests and a thought as to what I am going to serve them? Obviously, you want your friends and relatives to have a mouth-watering experience, especially when they have come for a good cheer. 

We have brought you a range of options right from farali namkeens and healthy nuts to delightful sweets to make your festivities even more jubilant. Bansiram’s wide range of Traditional and Farali Namkeens, Fryums and Krunchips, and Bitz and Roasted Crunch make a good munching option that can be served with tea and other beverages. At the same time, you can also serve your guests a healthy and rich variety of StarNuts Cashews, Almonds and Pistachios

No Indian festival is complete without Mithais! Whether it is your office mates celebrating the Independence Day or brother and sister uniting through Rakhi, offering sweets is a means of expressing love that exits in the relationship. Bansiram’s melt-in-the-mouth Gulab Jamuns, soft and juicy Rasgullas and delightful Soan Papdis will leave your guests asking for more. 

Giving gifts on occasion such as Rakshabandhan is a means of telling your dear sister how much you care about her. Why not celebrate this festival by gifting your loved ones something healthy as well as tasty. Bansiram sweets and StarNuts make an ideal gift for every occasion and will surely cheer up the person who receives them. 

This season, it is time to give yourself and others a tongue-tickling experience. Make the most out these joyful festivals with our special sweets and savouries and churn in a desired sweetness between your friends and family members.

Strengthen your corporate relationships with Bansiram sweets


When was the last time you received a sweet surprise? Honestly, nothing brightens your day and curves your lips like gifts do! Not only this, but gifting is an all-time artistry to improve relationships too. No matter whether it is your next door neighbour or your potential client, gifting them something heart-warming can do wonders to pull in a desired sweetness in the relation and to build and maintain a fine rapport. Giving gifts to people connected to you, personally and professionally, is a great way of expressing your gratitude for the loyalty they have exhibited in the course of the relationship. 

In the recent times, the concept of corporate gifting has evolved as a very essential part of a successful business tack. It doesn’t matter if you are a budding entrepreneur or a big player in the industry, corporate gifts will reap you positive outcomes when given on special occasions and festivals. 

When it comes to the corporate world, gifts are to be given at different levels, time and again. This ensures that a positive relationship is growing between the people associated with you and your company. You might want to gift your employees for their good performance or for their loyalty towards the company over the years. More so, some clients might have been supporting you for a long time. Pleasing them with a gift is a good way to show them your thankfulness. Also, you might be having your business partners and people within your network that deserve your appreciation too! 

Most often when it comes to gifting employees, clients or business partners, one has to be very selective and unique. You need to consider their interests and likings and that can get real tricky. However, there is something that is everyone’s favourite and that is those yummy, mouth-watering sweets. Sweets are something that people are keen to receive and relish all the time. Whatever the occasion, your subordinates and clients will love you if you give them a toothsome experience. 

Truly delectable, Bansiram sweets - Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla and Soan Papdi are a perfect option for corporate gifting. Especially when so many festivities are around the corner, these delicious treats come to your rescue to delight one and all. From melt-in-your mouth Gulab Jamun, soft and juicy Rasgulla, to flaky and delicate Soan Papdi that comes in traditional, chocolate and coconut flavours, Bansiram’s lip-smacking sweets will cheer up whomsoever you gift them to. So with these upcoming festivities, if you are planning to give corporate gifts in your circle, do not miss on Bansiram sweets to sweeten and strengthen your professional relationships. 

Three reasons why Bansiram Krunchips is your perfect munching partner


Some wise man once quoted, ‘One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats’. And of course what can be more enjoyable and inviting than a little packet of your favourite snack. If you are someone who likes to relish the little chatkaz of life without feeling guilty about your diet regime, then we have some lip-smacking delight for you. Bansiram offers 4 delicious flavours of super savoury chips that will leave you asking for more. And it’s a promise – Bansiram Krunchips are nothing but crunchilious delight in every single bite!

Obviously, with those yummy, delightful snacks waiting to be grabbed, you do not really need a reason to binge on. But if your diet soul comes popping out of you to make you feel conscious, excuse yourself by giving these perfectly settled reasons to make Krunchips your ideal munching partner.

You need time to unwind

Have you ever realised, that taking time out to have a snack is actually a great piece of self-care? Once in a while, it is important that you step out of your routine and eat what you like. So, take that as an opportunity to release yourself from all the stress and unwind to feel grateful for the fact that you can enjoy your favourite titbits. Bansiram Krunchips’ every flavour is a sheer joy! The chips are delicately sliced and fried to perfection to offer mouth-watering taste and crunch. So whether you are planning to attend back to back meetings or simply sit on the couch with a book, these snacks will give you the ‘my-time’ we all need!

Ditch the diet freak within you

Yes, there are fundas behind smart snacking and we do not disagree with it. And there are tons of food options that will lift up your spirits. But time and again, your tongue wants a treat too! And so does the foodie inside you. Why not spoil yourself sometimes, break that New Year resolution of not munching and nibble something that’s amazingly awesome. Bansiram Krunchips are both crispy and flavoursome, that would instantly help you feel better in those down in the dump days. And after all, what are New Year resolutions made for? Isn’t it for breaking them time and again?

It’s party time, every time

For most of us, snacking becomes more fun when surrounded by our favourite people. Calling friends at home and throwing a party becomes one more excuse to pop open your favourite canapés. They say, ‘keep your friends close and your snacks closer’, which can’t be anything but true! Bansiram Krunchips is a great way to welcome friends at home. A quick snack to go with your tea or a big filling to keep the hunger pangs at bay; Bansiram Krunchips makes every meal fun and memorable.

Made from the most optimum ingredients, Bansiram Krunchips offers unique freshness and flavour and are available in salted, masala, cream onion and farali flavours. So the next time when hunger strikes you and you desire to get indulged in something that’s yummy and satisfying, Bansiram Krunchips is going to be your first choice.

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