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Every wedding invitation deserves something special to build a bond.


As Indians, we are never shy of letting people know how happy we are. We celebrate this happiness by throwing parties and celebrating the smallest of the achievements and the best of the news. We always wish that our loved ones be the part of every celebration. 
Happiness arrives to you in the most unexpected of the ways. The reasons behind happiness too may hit expectedly or unexpectedly. When someone shares their happiness with you, always be ready to treat them with something special in return. 
Someone’s reason to be happy deserves a special something from you. Be it their wedding, them bringing a new life to the world or them celebrating success, a gift from you will add mileage to their happiness in the best of the ways. 
Starnuts’ premium range of roasted nuts deems as one of the most exquisite presents for your near and dear ones. Roasted almonds, roasted pistachios and roasted cashews available in multiple flavours work as the best gift to add to someone’s happiness. 
Ideally, an invitation deserves to be complemented by a gift. When someone invites you and wishes that you become a part of their celebrations, adding to their happiness might mean the world to them. When handed over a gift, Starnuts’ range of tasty roasted nuts will always be cherished. The flavours, the crunch and the taste will make your invitees remember you forever.  
With Starnuts, add the extra bit of special to someone’s celebration and be in their memories forever.

Brighten up this festive season with delicious Starnuts


Our country is a land of diversity, where every festival is celebrated with the utmost fervor, merriment and enthusiasm.  From Navratri to Diwali, from Labhpancham to Dhanteras, we have many festivals coming.

During the festive season, we get chances to bring joy in the lives of our close ones. It is a time for gifting within our family, extended families and friends. When it comes to gifting for employees and clients this season, one has to be thoughtful because they are after all an important part of our lives.

To save you from the confusion of choosing just the right gift, let us offer you a fruitful gift idea- Starnuts. A special gifting idea for this festive season with the range of nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios, delicately flavored and seasoned.  Starnuts is a superior quality product with rich taste, nutritional value and freshness.  It also makes a perfect gifting item for the fitness lovers.

Quality processing with world-class packaging and technological excellence enables us to offer you this gift of health, wellness and nutrition so that you can gift this in turn to your family, friends, employees and clients.

Celebrate the festivities with your loved ones and make them feel special with Starnuts. May the magic of festive season bring you good health, wealth and prosperity. 

Janmashtami 2019: The sweet and savoury delights to celebrate Janmashtami from Bansiram


India is known for its rich culture and fun-filled festivals. From Eid to Onam, from colorful holi to joyous Diwali. Festivals are celebrated in every nook and corner of the country. In India, many Indian festivals are not only excuse to feast but synonymous to having unique food.  

Janmashtami is a celebration of the birth of the legend Krishna, also fondly called “Makhan Chor”.This festival is celebrated with great devotion, zeal and a mass of brilliance. The auspicious occasion of Janmashtami is observed with a great enthusiasm with fasting, bhajans, poojas, chants, and other rituals.

It becomes that time of the year when families, extended families and friend’s visits are essential. It is incomplete without traditional snacks and essence of sweets. 


This Janmashtami, make the fasting a fun affair with our range of farali namkeen, a perfect snack for the devotees who had a fast. Our farali namkeen is also known as "A food fiesta for fasting”. It keeps the gut at ease and gives you instant energy after the full-day fasting.

We also have a segment of desi namkeem, range of traditional namkeen like Tikha Mitha mix and Tikhi sev. Our range of namkeen is prepared using the best ingredients, technological excellence and prolonged shelf life with the best packaging material. 


Everyone is aware of the saying “Muh meetha kijiye” whenever any auspicious event occurs in Indian families. All the Indian festivals are incomplete without its essence. Bansiram has an exclusive range of traditional sweets like Gulab jamun, Rasgulla and soan papadi. Our sweets are made with the finest ingredients, purest ghee, the symbol of quality and consistency.

May Nand Gopal offer delicious flavours on your palate every Janmashtami.

Must-try Monsoon Snacks this Season


The Rain Gods are all set to pour anytime soon! And with that everyone prepares to welcome the on-setting Monsoon. Whether it is about keeping an extra pair of clothes in your office bag or stocking up on some rain-time delights, we all have our own ways to be Monsoon ready!

Come the rains and there settles an all new excitement to binge on some savoury options along with a cup of hot kadakchai. But the fact also remains that eating a lot of fried and unhealthy street-side options can take your immune for a ride. It is always a good ideato opt for some packaged products that are not only tasty, but ensure quality and safety.

While you sit by your window and listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops, you crave for something crispy, something mouth-watering and delightful. Bansiram snacks and namkeens make it a great snacking companion any time of the day. Its special range of lip-snacking options gives you all the more reasons to binge on somelight and delectable snacks this season.

From Traditional Namkeens to Bitz and Chips, Bansiram offers a range of options to choose from. But if we were to suggest our top three must-try monsoon snacks, this is what it will be:

Right on the list, Masala Gathiyas are a very popular tea time option, especially during the rainy season. Because of its delightful taste, Bansiram’s Masala Gathiya can’t go amiss. Packaged with an extended shelf life, this one becomes a sure shot option to stock them for the season.

Other than that, puris with tea are an irresistible snacking option. Crispy and light, magic puri from Bansiram is a tummy filler! And when the rain knocks at your window panes, this one should be on the top of your list.

Finally, what’s rain without a ‘share-me’ pack of papdis? Indeed this crisp and savoury snack from Bansiram is a must-try Monsoon special because it adds an exciting crunch to your snacking time. The best part about our papdis is that it does not get soggy too soon. Hence you can feel the crunchiness until the last one. While you can also have this with tea, it can also go into a variety of chaats and traditional fast-foods.

So this season, grab your favourite snacks from Bansiram and enjoy the Monsoon in a crunchy way! 



Now that schools have commenced once again after a long summer break, kids are back in form and are looking forward to an active and energetic session at school once again. They will face the same demanding routine of studies and the same hectic pace of lessons and a tough curriculum.

Parents will be at their wits–ends once more, as they will be faced with the headache of deciding which snacks will be right for their children, while they are at school. So, what is the right thing to do? Should mothers spend hours at end in the kitchens to prepare dainty snacks for their school-going children, or should they go in for a ready-meal solution?

This very problem is multiplied manifold especially if both parents hold jobs. In the hustle and bustle of the morning rush, it is often the kids’ snacks, which do not get the requisite attention.  Often mothers cannot decide which would be the right snacks for their children during school hours.

Parents need not worry since the leading snacks manufacturer in Gujarat – Bansiram Namkeen has come out with a range of lightweight snacks that are easy on the pocket as well as great for a quick munch while children are at school.These lightweight snack packets can easily fit into the school bags and children can easily carry them off to school.

While children enjoy their break time they can easily tuckin these Bansiram snacks,which will take care of their hunger pangs. It is easy for them to pull these snug snack packets out of their school satchels and quickly grab a mouthful.

Rather than going on a hungry stomach to school, intelligent mothers can add a Bansiram Namkeen to their mealtime retinue, which can go a long way in helping the children meet their calorie intake requirements.

Bansiram snacks come from Bansiram Namkeen, who is amongst the best-in-class namkeen brands in Gujarat, IndiaIf you are looking for these Indian snacks online or for namkeen manufacturers in India,simply Google for Bansiram snacks and they will show up prominently in the search engine results. So,let kids enjoy their Bansiram snacks while mothers can rest assured their kids would not face a hungry moment while at school!

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