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Being synonymous with growth, change is the only constant; over the six decades we have changed a lot. In 1960’s what started as a one-man entrepreneurial venture, today has dyed-in-the-wool as the unique Urmin Group.

Small initiative taken by Mr. Nanubhai V. Majithia has taken quantum leaps. Budding out of a small initiative, Urmin Group has managed to grow in leaps & bounds setting the perfect example of an Indian entrepreneur’s idealistic Indian enterprise. We managed to occupy a prominent market presence in the fantastic FMCG sector by continuously expanding our product lines & changing their sales, distribution strategies. We have relocated, undergone expansion, developed new product lines, added segments, opened stores and embraced the trending changes. Only one thing about our business has not witnessed even the slightest degree of change; our commitment to serve the most authentic taste of India. Perceiving that; “The way to one’s heart courses through their stomach”, we care to leave no stone unturned to win your heart!

The small-town enterprise, at present takes pride in its corporate endeavours, in the realms of food & beverages, & hospitality. Being the admirers of learning curve theory, we remain inclined towards improving our learning curve. Being the aspirants of bench-marking quality we have ventured in contributing to Indian brand equity.



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27 Jan'2020

Benefits of healthy nuts in winters

During the winters when the breeze is on a high, cough and cold are caught easily. Especially with our developing cravings and the unhealthy food readily available for us, it is difficult to be in the pink of health.

30 Dec'2019

Making weekdays tastier with healthier Namkeen.

According to human behavior, weekends are the days when everyone is free to eat whatever they wish to. We observe cheat days on weekends and we tend to stick to healthier food on weekdays.

21 Nov'2019

Every wedding invitation deserves something special to build a bond.

As Indians, we are never shy of letting people know how happy we are. We celebrate this happiness by throwing parties and celebrating the smallest of the achievements and the best of the news.

23 Sep'2019

Brighten up this festive season with delicious Starnuts

Our country is a land of diversity, where every festival is celebrated with the utmost fervor, merriment and enthusiasm. From Navratri to Diwali, from Labhpancham to Dhanteras, we have many festivals coming.