Our founder is the face of our Brand

Catch a glimpse of the excerpt from the Founder, the Chairman-Late Nanubhai V. Majithia, Founder Chairman, Urmin Group(September 1935 - June 2014)

Having our Founder as the evergreen face of our brand, at URMIN Group, we strive to be one of the best, the most trusted, the most competitive and the most reliable brand in the domain of Food & Beverage. Ever emphasizing on the quality products, efficient production operations while ensuring premium products that meet the contemporary lifestyle requirements of our discerning consumers, we have been keen on scaling up with new market heights.

With an aim to be recognized as one of the reputed and trust-worthy FMCG companies, we focus on enterprise excellence in all our pursuits. The corporate philosophy of URMIN is guided by the cardinal principle of achieving sustainable financial growth while creating growth opportunities for all our employees, business partners and communities where we operate.

The secret behind the metamorphosis of our enterprise into a successful venture is our genuine concern for the society and folk guided with a positive thought, powered by a focused vision and a well chalked out strategy. The sum totals of all these quality prerequisites have enabled URMIN Group to welcome cumulative growth in the last decade.

When it comes to relish the fruits of labour and cherishing he long-lasting impressions being created, Urmin Group humbly does so. Since the very genesis of our growth we have cared to maintain the authenticity of real taste without compromising on the elements of good health.

Adaptability and the willingness to change with time have helped us to withstand the domestic and global winds of change and have also enabled us to become dynamic. We are ever-ready to take the quantum leaps and gear up for the futuristic future goals. Our commitment to build a highly skilled and creative Research & Development team is reinforced by the state-of-the-art technology that we adopt and our world-class infrastructure. Our cutting edge manufacturing facilities speak volumes for technological excellence, efficiency and high quality production that ensure cost effectiveness of the operations. Strengthening our core competence helps in establishing our strong market presence, this is suffused with powerful brands with a strong recall value and an enviable product portfolio, built over a decade of innovative thinking and brand extension. Our extensive marketing and distribution network aims at attaining positive brand equity among our far and wide-reaching customer base across the globe.

Our integrated growth principle, where we have always put the consumers at the focal length, have entitles us to achieve more success in every product and market endeavors. Driven by the corporate intellect of integrity, ethical conduct, meritocracy and teamwork, we were, we are and we always will always remain committed to quality.