Let our healthy namkeen be your every-day therapy!


Looking for some motivation to pamper your taste-buds with tasty delights over the weekend? Here is one, whoever said that, “Calories do not count over the weekend”, was absolutely correct! Once in a week it is mandatory to eat the tasty treats, rejoice and celebrate life. All calorie count and restrictions will make your taste-buds the dull ones. It has been observed that majority of the people continue to stick to their healthy eating habits especially during the weekdays so it becomes compulsory to get the taste-buds indulged over the weekends!

Looking for yet another reason to enjoy having our delectable savouries on the weekdays? Here is one, the tooth-some snacks have the power to make the mundane weekdays more interesting & enjoyable.

Moreover consuming unhealthy and junk food to your heart’s content over the weekdays is now considered to be a taboo. Binge eating is over the weekend is not the right thing to do. It is better to distribute the fat consumption over the weekend rather than consuming it all on one day. On the other hand the best thing to do is, replace the absolutely unhealthy snacks with the healthier ones. Keeping in mind the density of conscious consumers, we have come up with the brand; Bansiram Namkeen that offers a mouth-watering range of snacks that are prepared with care keeping in mind the parameter of health-friendly snacks.

Bansiram Namkeen’s wide range of products is specially made for you to keep hunger at bay! No matter when you feel hungry or where you feel hungry, Bansiram Namkeen will be able to satiate your hunger; all you need to do is keep them handy. Tasty flavour of the palatable namkeens will keep lingering in your heart besides gratifying your hunger.

Bansiram Namkeen offers what very few Namkeen manufacturers of India does! Preserving the tradition of Indian food, the wide range of Namkeen varies in the taste and type. We offer you the freshest of the crunch with the best of taste. Our range of Farali Namkeen is acknowledged as one of the pioneers in the market due to the usage of traditional methods during preparation. While our snacks are made for both adults and children, we love paying a little extra attention for the little one. Our kid-friendly Fryums and Bitzz are famous amongst the kids. Krunchips is a variant of crispy chips that suit the best as a party snack and also stands as the best partner for every meal.

All the above mentioned namkeen products are readily available at a store near you. So, whenever you’re hungry and can’t figure out what to have; hand-pick a packet of Bansiram Namkeen without thinking twice! No-matter whether it is a week-day or the weekday, Bansiram Namkeen will be your therapy.